Our Story

After years of living with IBS and trying to manage its debilitating symptoms, I was especially frustrated by my inability to find snacks that were easily accessible and could provide IBS relief as well. This is where my husband Nick stepped in: as a first-hand witness to my day-to-day distress and discomfort, he hit upon the idea of creating an IBS-friendly snack bar that I — and others just like me — could eat without worry, anytime and anywhere. Our subsequent research, recipe development, and product testing lasted for the better part of a year, and ultimately led us to create exactly what we had hoped for: a snack bar that actually tastes GOOD, contains no IBS triggers, and complements an IBS diet.

Our Passion

We use simple, soothing, and trigger-free ingredients to create IBS-friendly snack foods that actually taste great, and are created especially for YOU.