What makes your snacks IBS-friendly?

IBS is serious stuff, but your snacks don’t have to be! All of our ingredients are selected for their gut-friendly properties; they are simple, soothing, and free of FODMAP triggers — exactly what you need to ease the daily stress, anxiety, and pain of living with IBS.

Will I still enjoy them even if I don't have IBS?

Even if you have no signs of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, we believe you will love these snacks. In fact, we're betting on it! From the very beginning our focus has been on creating snacks that are not only gut-soothing, but are also delicious and filling for IBS-sufferers and non IBS-sufferers alike.

I haven't been diagnosed with IBS, but I have stomach trouble. Will your snacks help me?

Because our IBS-friendly snack bars were developed to be gut soothing, they are also perfect for those who suffer from other gastro-intestinal issues as well.

Will these snacks cure my IBS?

While we know of NO products on the market that will actually “cure” IBS, from the get-go our express goal has been to create a snack bar that will not only help soothe your gut, but support a healthy gut as well.